April 22, 2024


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More than Trump James, more than Jordan’s Ice Hockey League

Trump’s criticism of the NBA by James “It’s not too bad he doesn’t see it”

Trump "Jordan over James, Ice Hockey League over professional basketball"

US President Donald Trump replied “Michael Jordan” to the question of “Michael Jordan or LeBron James,” which is the “conventional topic of discussion” by NBA fans.

President Trump received a question from Clay Travis, the moderator,’Jordan or James,’ in an interview with a Fox Sports radio broadcast in the US on the 12th (Korean time), and immediately replied with “Michael Jordan” and said, “I have seen the performance of both players. .

Besides, Jordan is not political, so people like it more.”

This is interpreted as an antipathy for James’ political disposition against President Trump.

In an interview that day, President Trump also criticized some NBA players who kneel in protest against racism and the like when the U.S. nation is played before the game starts.

He argued that “such (political) actions have a bad effect on basketball,” and “continue to decline when you look at basketball ratings.”

“People are angry at those actions, but they (NBA officials) are not aware of it,” he added. “The NBA is a much bigger crisis than they feel right now.”

He repeatedly urged, “Players who make tremendous amounts of money playing games should show respect for their national flag and country.”

President Trump also praised the North American Ice Hockey League (NHL) relative to the NBA.

He said, “Honestly, ice hockey doesn’t do that, and it shows more respect,” he said, comparing the two sports and saying, “NBA is very lousy and stupid.”

When the NBA resumed the league in late July, President Trump was uncomfortable with measures such as putting the phrase’black life is precious’ on the floor of the court and allowing players to write social messages instead of their names on their uniforms. It seems to have revealed planting.

Trump "Jordan over James, Ice Hockey League over professional basketball"

US newspaper USA Today said, “The first week after the resumption of the NBA at the end of July, the first week fell by 4% compared to before the halting of the league. Refuted the claim.

In addition, NBC Sports said, “NHL players are not as much as the NBA, but some players kneel when playing the country.”

In a post-game interview last week, James said, “I don’t think the basketball world will be disappointed if he (President Trump) doesn’t see it.”

President Trump has little love for basketball compared to former President Barack Obama, who was famous for his’basketball fanatic’.

Trump, who loves golf, hasn’t even predicted the winner of the American College Sports Association (NCAA) Men’s Basketball Division 1 tournament, which former President Obama has been playing every year during his tenure.

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