June 17, 2024


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Jae-Seok Jang “Play basketball under the supervisor”, Jae-hak Yoo “Why are you embarrassed?”

Jang Jae-seok said, “I tried to cover the day I gave the phone call, but I visited the next day because Jun-beom Jeon (Hyundai Mobis) was training, in case it would be rumored,” he said. “But I didn’t know that the secretary general would hand out the contract right there.” “My wife told me not to sign a contract hastily, but I just signed it.” “Actually, my wife doesn’t know what kind of person Yoo is. So, he explained that he is the best coach of professional basketball now, and he wants to learn once. I am grateful to my wife for allowing me to play basketball that I want to learn.”

Hyundai Mobis, which started physical fitness and rehabilitation exercises for a month in June, and started training in earnest by holding the ball in July, is developing a sense of practice by playing practice games with college teams recently. Manager Yoo, who watched Jang Jae-suk as his student for about two months, praised him as “a friend who is sincere and has a serious training posture,” and said, “The players train at night, but Jae-seok comes out late and runs alone.” When asked if it was a’show training’, Jang Jae-seok explained, “I started late because I had dinner and closed my eyes for a while, but now I like to avoid getting stuck on the way home and staying alone in the gym, I keep doing it late.” Click steroidscanada.ca

Jae-seok Jang during shooting training. Joonhee Jung, Intern Reporter

Director Yoo, who directs Jang Jae-seok 7 years after he was the national team in 2013, ordered, “Play the basketball you want to play when you attack.” Manager Yoo, who was holding the shooting posture, said, “In the post, my 1v1 ability and middle shot have grown a lot last season.” “From the opposing team’s manager, I saw myself feeling anxious during the game. You don’t have to feel anxious.”

Jang Jae-suk said, “I was trusted by the words of the director’I will do the attack as you please and only refine the defense.’ Now, in Yoo’s Hyundai Mobis, I will become a more complete player. In detail, I will increase the sense of the fingertips. The director said,’No matter what I tell you to do, it’s you guys who shoot. I can’t do anything with my fingertips.’ As the coach thinks, basketball is a sport in which goals are eventually scored, and the shot is determined by two measures of the index and middle fingers. I have a lot of fingertips right now, but I’m trying to raise it like Larry Bird and Reggie Miller.”

Lastly, coach Yoo said, “I will make Jae-suk a model free agent once.” “Many free agents have joined this year, and I am curious about which team they will transform into”. Jang Jae-seok pledged, “Because we are a family that eats together, we want to give good grades (win) and then treat the manager and the team with a great meal in the most delicious place.”

Jisub Kim reporter

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