June 25, 2024


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Beach volleyball “Sacred place” reopened. Court set up after 3 months | Hiratsuka | Town News

The best home building that will satisfy your budget

We try to prevent infection by disinfecting and ventilating our hands.

Aiming to create a future city where nature and local economy coexist and co-prosper


A real estate expert will provide the appropriate advice. Please feel free to contact us.


Representative Imai serves as chairman of the Pharmacists Association

In times of emergency, you can count on local association member stores!

Hardware and tools are available. 0463-31-0962

For automobile inspection and repair, contact the company. 0463-21-4877

We are organized by companies that manage buildings in Hiratsuka. 0463-23-6640

I pray for the earliest possible termination of Corona

Supporting smiles and health in a community-based manner


It is composed of graduates of Waseda University and supports the Hakone Ekiden.

We sell Shonan Hiratsuka special product “Hiratsuka miso ice cream”.

Right next to the north exit of Hiratsuka station. There are 77 stores that are useful for everyone’s shopping.


It is a group of female business owners with the aim of promoting the healthy development of female business owners.

It is known as the 7th Fudasho of the Bando Sanju Kannon Sacred Ground and is also called “Kaneme Kannon”.

The visit is on January 26th next year. Secretariat 0463.33.8808

We respond carefully to customer needs

We provide nursing homes, elderly housing with services, days and visiting services.

Rusca operates in Odawara, Chigasaki, Hiratsuka and Atami.

Aiming to be a taxi company that everyone can choose, with safety, security and comfort


We are working on four major service activities with each member

We have a flower arrangement class.

Aiming to improve the quality of business operations and user services

We have fresh vegetables, fruits, noodles, etc.

Former party supports school refusal and withdrawal children