April 13, 2024


Like All Trades

Sports Illustrated features first model showing C-section scar

Model Kelly Hughes took to Instagram to celebrate her historic shoot, and she described past struggles and insecurities related to her scar while working as a professional model. According to the magazine, Hughes delivered her now 3-year-old son via C-section. 

“I struggled with insecurities from my scar being that I’m a model and my incredibly difficult recovery but it wasn’t until I ’embraced my scar that I experienced the true power in it,'” Hughes wrote.

She said the shoot was made possible by a partnership with Frida Mom, a company that sells products for infant and new mothers that is included in Sport’s Illustrated #PayWithChange campaign, a promise by the magazine’s swimsuit issue to only accept advertising “from companies with demonstrated programs to advance gender equality and drive progress for women’s empowerment,” according to Sports Illustrated.