May 24, 2024


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Nintendo Switch Sports Player Smashes TV With Joy-Con

In a moment straight out of 2006, a Nintendo Switch Sports player accidentally smashed their TV with a Joy-Con. In 2006, this wasn’t exactly an uncommon occurrence as families picked up the Wii and passed around the controller for sessions of Wii Sports. Although the controller came with a wrist strap, some people liked to live on the edge while playing games like golf, bowling, and tennis, resulting in them sending their controller flying. Sometimes this just resulted in a hole in the wall, sometimes it hit someone in the face, other times, it broke very expensive televisions. Eventually, Nintendo released a softer, protective covering for the controllers to help prevent damage if a controller was flung out of someone’s hand. With all of that said, as the saying goes, history repeats itself.

Twitch streamer 63man was playing Nintendo Switch Sports‘ tennis mode when his Joy-Con flew like a bullet into their TV. As the streamer began to hit the ball back to the opposing side, their controller mimicked the motion of the ball and flew with it. The streamer stood in shock before turning the camera to the TV, revealing the damage to the audience. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that 63man was wearing the admittedly flimsy straps that can be attached to the Joy-Con, resulting in chaos. On Wednesday, Nintendo issued a warning to parents on Twitter advising them to keep an eye on children playing the game so they don’t break the TV or hurt someone.

Nintendo Switch Sports released earlier this week following its exciting reveal earlier this year. In our review of the game, we noted that the game was light on some of its content, but makes up for it in how fun it is. The original Wii Sports was pretty similar, as it only featured a handful of game modes, but was included with the console for free. Nintendo is expected to add more game types to Nintendo Switch Sports in the future.

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