October 4, 2023


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Kanye West, Antonio Brown’s antics should be end of Donda Sports

Kanye West on InfoWars

When will he ever shut his damn mouth?
Screenshot: InfoWars

If you stand with clowns don’t get mad when you wind up in a circus.

To borrow an old lyric from Kanye West, it all fell down” on Thursday when the founder of Donda Sports Agency was suspended from Twitter — again — after he tweeted an image of a swastika inside the Star of David. Earlier in the day, West was on a podcast with Alex Jones — the right-wing nutjob who has to pay $1.4 billion to Sandy Hook families for saying it was a hoax — where he said, “I like Hitler.” On West’s 2013 album “Yeezus” he had a song titled “Black Skinhead.”

I will not be linking to the image or clips of video/audio. There will be no promotion of that kind of behavior here.

And if that wasn’t enough, before the night ended and West’s Twitter profile was put on pause, he shook the sports world with an allegation that he once caught Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul sleeping with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

This is the man that Jaylen Brown and Aaron Donald stood next to, as it took until the end of October before they finally severed ties with Donda Sports. “In the past 24 hours, I’ve been able to reflect and better understand how my previous statements lack clarity in expressing my stance against recent insensitive public remarks and actions,” said Brown, who days before said he “condemned” West’s anti-Semitic statements but was sticking with the agency.

“We do not feel our beliefs, voices, and actions belong anywhere near a space that misrepresents and oppresses people of any background, ethnicity, or race,” added Donald as he’d previously ignored West’s hateful behavior and actions that were draped in anti-Blackness, like when Ye wore a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt.

Thursday was also the day in which Donda Sports’ president was involved in a standoff with police as law enforcement camped outside of Antonio Brown’s home waiting to arrest him with a warrant for domestic violence charges — something that’s been an issue with him for years.

Donda Sports has been a clown show since the day it was created due to the Vaudeville acts who are the faces of it. There’s still uncertainty around West’s Donda Academy — that once featured highly ranked hoops prospects just a few months ago — as it’s hard to remember if the cult-like unaccredited school with $15,000 tuition is still operating after it closed and reopened on the same day. In October, Morehouse College (an all-male HBCU) canceled a basketball tournament it was hosting with Donda Academy due to West’s antics and pushback from alumni. I should know because I’m one of the alums that pushed back against a school run by a man that said that George Floyd was killed by fentanyl and not Derek Chauvin.

For those still clinging to some hope about what Donda Sports could be due to some weird allegiances or racial loyalty to West and Brown, hopefully, Thursday was the final straw. There isn’t a song or catch that West or Brown have been responsible for that trumps (see what I did there) violence against women, anti-Blackness, hate, possibly snitching on Chris Paul, and love for Hitler and Nazis.

However, it’s not like we didn’t see this coming. This is the same pair that hilariously thought they had enough money to buy the Denver Broncos earlier this year. At the time, West was a newly minted billionaire who was months away from seeing his net worth plummet, as Brown made around $80 million during his playing career. The team eventually sold for $4.65 billion, which was outside of West and Brown’s budget, to Rob Walton who’s worth almost $60 billion.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the behavior of Kanye West and Antonio Brown go from odd to dangerous. Thursday, Dec. 1, was the climax of two unhinged men who have been posing as figureheads of a shady sports agency. Whether it be through Brown’s antics when it comes to Tom Brady and his ex-wife, or West’s allegations against Chris Paul, both men have broken locker room code, as they’ve proven themselves unworthy to society and their fans. Donda Sports should have never been created, and this week we got to see its end.