June 25, 2024


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Is It Possible To Practice Rebounding Drills With Basketball Shooting Machines?

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If you are looking to be a part of the team that bags championship spots every season, then you should put in extra effort to secure the maximum points on your team’s behalf. Free throws won’t do the trick alone. You need to secure rebounds.

Deemed as one of the most essential and tactical parts of each game, rebounds can be both offensive and defensive. While your team could potentially leverage from an offensive rebound and score extra points, allowing your opponents to do the same when you are defending could end in a serious debacle! Hence, polishing your rebounder skills is of paramount importance.

Will a basketball hoop rebounder help you to do the same? Let’s find out. 

Essential rebounder formula to help you become a pro rebounder:

Most coaches that emphasize the importance of rebounds say that the fundamental rebounding formula consists of three steps. 

● Find 

● Hit and 

● Get 

When the ball is released and is in the middle of a flight, you should find an opponent player and prevent him from getting an offensive rebound. You should not wait for the ball to bounce and be taken by an opponent player. 

The second step is extremely crucial as every player should not box out their opponent. Instead, great rebounders do not wait for the shot’s flight and find contact with their opponents using their forearm, thereby preventing them from sprinting in to obtain an offensive rebound. 

The third step involves pursuing and obtaining the rebound. 

Rebounding drills that will get you on top:

With those mentioned above essential rebounding formulas, you can fix your skills and attitude. But practicing rebounding drills are of the essence. Without rebounding drills, you cannot effectively employ these techniques learned and will end up faltering on the court. 

Normal rebounding technique:

There should be a line of players. The first player throws or shoots the ball at the wall or the basketball backboard, secures a rebound with open arms, then pivots outside and passes to the next player in line. It helps you rebound in a controlled environment. 

You could enter certain variations like do this controlled rebounding at both ends of the court. 

Slide rebounding technique:

This drill works best if you are a 4-man team practicing the drill against a 4-man team. While the offense starts at the three-point line, the defense will slide from side to side inside the key, and specific defenders will close in on the shooter. 

This drill is instrumental in teaching you the nuances of passing, boxing out, communicating, and securing a rebound. 

Battle boards drill:

2 offensive and 2 defensive players start on the elbows and must battle to secure the rebound, which an external player or coach shot. The defensive team gets a singular point when they secure the rebound while the offensive team strikes. There will be a change in the defense and offense after three strikes. 

The purpose of this drill is to encourage players to make physical contact and pursue the ball to secure the rebound. You can even start with a larger team and encourage shot rotation within the offense team to make it more interesting. 

Rotation rebounding drill:

There are two teams- offense and defense. They will rotate around the key but in opposite directions. While the offensive players will rotate clockwise, the defensive players will rotate counter-clockwise. Once the coach shoots the basketball, the defensive players should quickly spot an offensive player to box out and secure the rebound firmly. 

This drill is ideal for inducing communication between the defense team and enhancing their team-game and boxing out skills. 

Why is a rebounder basketball machine one of the best-fit for such drills?

Certainly, getting a rebounding net basketball machine or an automatic rebounder will put wind in your sails. These machines are fully automatic and programmable and will fire away from the shots at your offensive or defensive teams exactly the way you want. 

You can either use the rebounder basketball machine to practice controlled rebounding drills and techniques, whereas the same can introduce variations in your drills. You can set the pace and the timing at which such automatic rebounders like the Shoot-A-Way Guns will fire the shots at you. 

Closing thoughts:

Apart from the basic rebounding drills mentioned above, you can introduce more complex ones in your practice routine when using a rebounder basketball machine for your sessions. These variations not only make the routines fun, but they also make them more complex and test your limits. 

When you have a rebounding net basketball machine, it will enable you to replace the drills coach. One of the most important and momentous takeaways from such drills with automatic rebounders is that they will combine data analytics powers to create and log your performances. These statistics will certainly be enlightening for your squad to focus on individual strengths and weaknesses.