May 21, 2024


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25 Days Of Christmas MLB Prospect – Corbin Carrol – Winners Only Club


Corbin Carrol is the 3rd Ranked prospect in the MLB. Corbin was drafted in 2019 with the 16th pick. He came out right form high school were he was a beast winning MVP in the Pacific northwest Prefect game .

Corbin went right to Rookie ball and had a slash line of .288 Avg/.409OBP/.450 SLG. That was in only 31 games and 111 at bats. Corbin had 32 hits, 23 runs 6 doubles and 2 Dingers.

Corbin then had a year off like all prospects because of covid.

2021 was nothing but High A baseball for Corbin, but sadly it was a short year for him only 7 games. In those 7 games he had a slash line of .435Avg/.552OBP/.913SLG. 23 At bats he had 2 Dingers , 2 Triples and 5 RBIs. His 2021 season was shorten because of his shoulder. That mean shoulder surgery and he did that, he is all back and his shoulder has been all good.

Which means 2022 , Corbin was a busy man , and never stopped moving. Went form rookie ball to AA to AAA to MLB, he deserved ever promotion to he played two games in rookie ball and he had a slash line of .500Avg/.625OBP/1.000SLG. The Diamondbacks saw enough a pumped him up to AA , where he only lasted 58 games and had a slash line of .313AVG/.430OBP/.643SLG. He had a good 227 at bats the most of his career so far. HIs power came out , with 16 Dingers and 39RBIs. The Diamondbacks again saw him go off so they sent him to AAA for 33 games where he had a slash line of .2878Avg/.408OBP/.535SLG. He did have some trouble with strikeouts where his Strikeout percentage was around 27%.

But with the MLB season come to a end the Diamondbacks called Corbin one more time to play with the MLB team . He had a good first 32 games. His slash line was a decent .260Avg/.330OBP/.500 Slg. He had Four dinger with his first one coming off Yu Darvish in San Diego.

Corbin Carroll is a 22 year old CF and he is going to be on the major league team unless he has a terrible spring training. I don’t see this happening the Diamondbacks are a young team that has a promising future and Corbin is part of that. I really don’t see anyone on the roster as of right now , to compete for CF, so it is his to lose. If you a Diamondback fan you should keep your eye on him he is your superstar.