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Who Is Katrina Scott? All About The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model – Hollywood Life

Katrina Scott

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Image Credit: Sports Illustrated

Katrina Scott just had some major firsts as the first visibly pregnant woman to be featured for the Sports Illustrated May 2022 issue! Flaunting her baby bump, the model noted how she wishes to represent every woman who is expecting and said how their “bodies and minds are capable of extraordinary things.”

In the post of the photos shared by the magazine, they labeled the groundbreaking shoot as a “Major moment,” and we certainly agree! 

We also became more curious about the SI “rookie,” so here, we break down five things to know about the stunning star.

She’s The First Pregnant Model To Be Featured In ‘Sports Illustrated’

Katrina Scott
Katrina Scott on the cover of ‘Sports Illustrated’ (Sports Illustrated).

Katrina, who was born Nov. 4, 1983 in New Hampshire, was proud to represent all expecting mothers for the amazing shoot — for the first time in the magazine’s history. She also spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife about the experience.

“For as long as I wanted this, I’m really happy that it didn’t happen in my 20s. It means so much more as someone who is 38, who is a mom, and how much I appreciate my body now versus in my 20s,” Katrina, who was 38 and a half weeks pregnant at the time, told HL. “To be able to represent more women, and more moms out there, and more women that may even feel like it’s too late for them, because I thought maybe it was too late for me, and then this happened.”

Katrina added that “for years, a lot of women had been told to hide their bumps to be in SI: Swim, or to as soon as possible postpartum, as soon as you can, get back into those pre-pregnancy pants,” and her shoot shows that times have changed. “I think it’s really beautiful now that the media and people are starting to open up and say, ‘Hey, this chapter of a woman’s life is really beautiful too, and it should be celebrated, and it should not she should not rush to look anything other than who she is, as she is postpartum.”

When she was asked by editor MJ Day to shoot for the new issue, Katrina admitted they “didn’t even hesitate” when she told them she was expecting. “They were like, ‘Yes, absolutely. This is a moment, let’s do this,’” she recalled. “They are incredible and they just really empower women. I felt amazing. It was the best maternity suit I could have ever asked for, and I’ll have these forever.”

She’s A Fitness Guru

Katrina is a model, but she’s also a big-hitter in the fitness industry, working as the co-founder of the YouTube health and fitness channel Tone It Up with friend and business partner Karena Dawn. Their health brand even spawned a reality TV series Toned Up in 2014 that aired on Bravo.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in health science and fitness with a minor in nutrition, Katrina also earned certifications as a master trainer and fitness instructor. She then began creating YouTube videos and eventually formed a business.

According to her website, Live Beautifully, Katrina now focuses on helping people with their fitness and nutrition and to aid them in their wellness journeys.

Growing up, I was teased for being overweight,” Katrina wrote on her site. “I asked my dad for a treadmill… instead, he empowered me with a home gym equipped with fitness books, barbells, weights, a bench, and of course the treadmill I asked for… I was in the 5th grade” 

She added, “From strength training, to toning, and teaching abs classes, I had found my passion. That’s when I decided to go to college to become a fitness and health professional. Now, you can work out with me along with the most incredible trainers on Tone It Up!” 

Her Husband, Brian Scott, Is Also In The Fitness Industry

As for her personal life, Katrina, whose maiden name is Katrina Hodgson, is married to Brian Scott. The couple tied the knot in 2013 after dating for 10 years, and Brian also has a background in the fitness industry, founding Perfect Fit Protein (the brand was later acquired by Tone It Up in 2012).

The couple apparently met when Katrina’s friend invited her to a movie night party Brian was hosting. It was basically love at first sight for the star, who told Inside Weddings: “At the end of the evening, Brian picked up a guitar and sang to all of us. I fell in love right then and there.”

Brian then proposed by jumping in a lake and emerging having “found” an engagement ring. Katrina later recalled in a blog post on her site, “He proposed with the kindest words—he’s my best friend and the love of my life. I was so surprised, but also smiling ear to ear hearing my mom excitedly yelling ‘OMG’ (possibly low key cursing) to the left of me.”

Brian has been with Katrina every step of the way, as the pair worked together on Tone It Up, where he began as Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Innovation before evolving into his current role in product development and innovation, according to his LinkedIn page. He’s also made appearances alongside Katrina and her co-founded Karena when they took their empire to Bravo for the series Toned Up

These days, Brian is also the founder and president of baby brand called Baby Barn, which sells baby, toddler and kids clothing that the website refers to as “soft, stylish [and] timeless.”

They share a daughter, Isabelle Margaret Scott, 3, and a newborn daughter, Colette Jane, who was born on May 24.

She Underwent Fertility Issues For Over Two Years

In addition to baring her baby bump for Sports Illustrated, Katrina has been candid about her struggles with pregnancy. “After experiencing two miscarriages, a chemical pregnancy and over two years of fertility struggles, we welcomed our rainbow baby on May 24,” the fitness founder told PEOPLE on June 3 following the birth of her second daughter. “We are so overjoyed to introduce Colette Jane. Her name means victory — and she has already brought so much joy into our lives.”

Katrina apparently faced some difficulties around getting pregnant, but she never let that deter her from her dreams of having a family. 

She also made even more waves for Sports Illustrated when she walked the runway for their swimsuit display at Miami Swim Week in July 2021 while undergoing IVF. While talking to outlet Today, Katrina Scott revealed she was initially hesitant when the outlet called for her participation. 

“I didn’t feel ready — [the] amount of swelling and hormones, the amount of things that were happening [with my body], but I said, “I’m going to agree to this even though this is such a crazy time in my body.”‘

She’s Been Candid About Her Difficult Journey With Postpartum Depression

In addition to IVF struggles and issues around pregnancy, Katrina has also been open about struggles that happen after pregnancy, aka postpartum depression.

“This is Postpartum… Hospital Edition ❤️ What is the most unexpected thing you experienced after delivery?” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post where she detailed those issues.

The model revealed that the delivery with her second daughter “didn’t go the way we envisioned” as she had to undergo a C-section and “hemorrhaged during my surgery,” losing half her blood volume resulting in “3 blood transfusions.”

“It was scary for both me and Brian, and it still feels like an out-of-body experience,” she continued. “[B]ut I’m so grateful for Brian, my doctor, the nurses and for people who donate blood. I only recall a few moments in the OR… one of them being Brian’s eyes welled up with tears telling me I was strong and that I could do this— I didn’t think I could.”

Katrina noted “how much of a miracle life is” and that nothing was more important than “cherishing every moment that we have together.”

“Women are warriors,” she added. “Doctors and nurses are heroes. People who donate blood are angels. This is postpartum.”