April 13, 2024


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What is a jungle scout price estimator?

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One of the most crucial company admin jobs to do right if you’re selling physical things on Amazon FBA is determining your profitability. This is critical both before and after you debut a product on Amazon. You’ll need to undertake some research and calculations throughout the product research phase to determine a product’s potential before launching it, considering initial investment expenditures, FBA costs, and expected sales. Then, once your products are out there in the wild, you must keep track of your fees and outgoings to ensure that your firm is working well. There are many amazon sales tools among which you can choose.

What is the Amazon FBA fee?

Change is unavoidable in the world of eCommerce. It’s a world in perpetual flux, and Amazon sellers must keep up with the latest technologies and data to dominate the industry. Jungle Scout is the industry’s all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon and beyond, and it can help you establish, run, and develop a lucrative business. Jungle Scout is the ideal partner for success on Amazon, with capabilities to enhance product research, gain reviews, and streamline finances and inventory. You’ll also get the best customer service available. 

Jungle Scout provides the resources you need to build a business, even if you’re new to entrepreneurship and selling on Amazon. The costs of selling on Amazon are known as FBA fees. Typically, handling and shipping costs are 15% of the item’s MSRP + $3.00. Using Amazon’s service has a tiny fee, but it’s a small price to pay when you consider everything you get.

Knowing how much Amazon tools will cost you

First and foremost, you must understand your costs before picking which product to launch and throughout the lifecycle of that product. You can divide your expenses into three categories:

  • Costs up in advance (samples, cost of goods, shipping, photography)
  • Prices change with time (FBA fees, storage fees, returns, etc.)
  • Costs of marketing (promotions and pay per click)

Pricing and subscription plans for Jungle Scout

As the popularity of selling online grows, our plans enable consumers to benefit from the eCommerce boom by providing cheap tools to help them thrive – without sacrificing quality or data integrity.

The following are Jungle Scout’s current plans (more on that later):

1. The Basic Plan

With Jungle Scout’s browser extension, you may start product research and validate your ideas with the Basic plan. MONTHLY COST: $49.00

2. Suite 

The Suite plan includes everything you’ll need to find new products and run your Amazon business effectively. MONTHLY COST: $69 ($589 paid annually)

3. Professionalism

The Professional package adds even more historical data and users to your account. It’s the most acceptable alternative for salespeople who are ambitious and enterprising. MONTHLY COST: $129 ($999 paid annually)

Final thoughts

It is difficult to know what software is a “must-have” for your Amazon business against what is a “nice-to-have,” especially if you’re new to selling online. The membership options available through Jungle Scout make it easier to pick which tools are suitable for you right now. The Professional plan is the best option if you’re an experienced seller with a team of three or more. Although the Suite plan allows you to add more users/seats, the Professional plan is much less expensive.