October 4, 2023


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Watch Patrick Mahomes insane slam dunk TD run from all angles (Video)

Watch Patrick Mahomes insane slam dunk TD run from all angles (Video)

Patrick Mahomes turned in another highlight-reel touchdown run, posterizing a Bengals defender and conjuring up some signature magic. 

It seems Patrick Mahomes never runs out of ways to leave NFL audiences captivated by his greatness. Whether it was punking the Buccaneers defense on national television earlier this year or his trademark no-look passes, Mahomes makes his greatness look so effortless.

More importantly, it’s awe that is paired with the high-voltage shocks from one of the best offenses in football, as his quirky schoolyard plays almost always result in points on the board for Kansas City.

That was the case on Sunday in Cincinnati. With the game tied 17-17, Mahomes went airborne at the goal line and not only scored a go-ahead touchdown but did so in a way that will be remembered in the scrapbook of amazing plays he’s gifted football fans with.

Just watch:

As if the broadcast angle wasn’t amazing enough, the reverse view along the goal line is even better:

Watching it in real time was insane, the replays made it even more impressive, but the photos of and reactions to Mahomes posterizing Taylor-Britt are truly works of art.

Air Mahomes is now a thing, and it’s glorious.

This is the thing about Mahomes, he just does these things. Not only that but his magic typically comes at critical moments of massive games. The Chiefs have a one-game lead on the Buffalo Bills for the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoff picture, and Sunday’s matchup in The Jungle had all the makings of a playoff atmosphere.

Mahomes shifting momentum like that in a huge game is why the Air Jordan comparisons don’t feel corny. If anything they feel like appropriate parallels to draw between the greatest players to play their respective sport.