May 20, 2024


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The MVP Race - Seriously Sports

The MVP Race – Seriously Sports

With week 10 fast approaching teams will begin to decide their future whether they should bottom out or make a run for the playoffs, most teams have already made that decision but as the end of the year comes closer and closer, but the real contenders will become evident. This MVP race is as tightly contested as ever with multiple players making a real case to earn the honors, players are playing better than ever before making the decision on who will take home the award as difficult as ever. There are many factors that come into deciding the most valuable player in the NFL, firstly statistics are a huge part of the winner of the award stats like passing yards, passing touchdowns and quarterback rating all play a huge role in making the selection. Another point to look at is the team success if a player has an incredible statistical season but his team struggles to win games can he really win the award? The answer is no, team success decides the winner of the award, when sports writers decide they must look at the whole picture not just team success but the team around the player if there is no real skill around the quarterback, he can’t be expected to win games. If a player has 3 star receivers and a great offensive line his numbers would be less impressive than a player with not very many targets or a bad offensive line. There won’t be a perfect selection for this year’s race although everyone has their opinion only one player will win the award. 

Russell Wilson 

After the first three weeks of play Wilson seemed like the undoubtable favorite to win the award, throwing for a combined 925 passing yards and 14 touchdowns through the first three games. Although Wilson has played at an extremely high level his play has fallen off since then with 1 turnover in the first 3 games to 9 in the next 6. This season Russell Wilson has thrown for 2541 passing yards with 28 passing touchdowns, his incredible stats and play have led Seattle to a 6-2 record without a reliable defense a lot comes into consideration when naming an NFL MVP and with a tightly contested race team success may be the most important factor if the Seahawks can continue to win games Russell Wilson will be the Favorite to win. When any player leads the NFL in touchdown passes, they automatically become a front runner to claim the title, the star QB is on pace to throw 56 touchdown passes breaking Peyton Manning’s record of 55 in a single season. If Wilson accomplishes this feat, it will be very difficult to make a case against him winning the Trophy a historic season could lead Wilson to claim his title as the greatest player in the NFL. 

Aaron Rodgers 

Rodgers proved everyone wrong he was obviously frustrated after the Green Bay Packers drafted Jordan Love in the first round over a wide receiver that Rodgers desperately needed. Players like Michael Pittman, Chase Claypool and Tee Higgins were all still available each would’ve tremendously helped the Green Bay Packers. With that behind him Rodgers came to play this season 24 passing touchdowns and 2253 passing yards, his incredible play has led the Packers to a 6-2 record where they sit atop the NFC. Rodgers has done this with little help other than Davante Adams, injuries have derailed their offense but Rodgers doesn’t give up making use of his targets making incredible plays that almost no other player could make. He seemed to take the Jordan Love pick personal He wanted to prove he is still an elite quarterback and he has done that. In 7 of his 8 games played he has gone without an interception; this play is coming from a 2-time MVP who’s looking to add another trophy to his collection. 

Patrick Mahomes 

Patrick Mahomes play has been incredible the entire season, making difficult plays look effortless launching bombs and escaping pressure with ease there is no question Mahomes is a talented player but is he having an MVP caliber season? Through 9 games Mahomes has thrown for 2687 passing yards and 25 touchdowns while rushing for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns, his play is nothing short of spectacular maybe playing the best football of his career. In his 9 games played he has one 8 of them while winning by over 14 in 5 of them, the defending Superbowl champs are playing as dominate as ever not allowing teams to make comebacks. Good teams win games bad teams find a way to lose them, as the season goes on the Chiefs will only look better and better as Mahomes makes a case for his second MVP. 

Kyler Murray 

Kyler Murray continues the trend of elite second year quarterbacks playing in a dominate campaign leading his team that wasn’t given a chance to make the playoffs to great things, his incredible resembles last year’s MVP Lamar Jacksons closely. Kyler has become a dominate dual threat making use of his legs and talented receivers, this season Kyler Murray has recorded 16 passing touchdowns and 2130 yards through the air but that’s not the most impressive stat the Arizona quarterback has had this season. Murray has run for 543 yards and 8 touchdowns that puts him on pace for 48 total touchdowns and 5356 all-purpose yards compared to Jackson’s 4333 all- purpose yards and 43 touchdowns, Murray statistically is on pace to have a better season than last year unanimous MVP. As the race narrows down and Kyler finishes put the season, he is a real candidate to win the trophy but something voters will look at is his 7 interceptions, turnovers tarnish a player’s overall outlook on a season if a player plays a great season his turnovers could limit the amount of people who believe it was good, if Kyler can stay on pace and limit his turnover for the next 8 games, he could snatch the award away from Mahomes, Rodgers, Allen and Wilson. 

My Pick 

My pick to win the NFL MVP is Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs are dominate playing like the best team in the NFL the main reason for that has been the play of Mahomes. He makes winning plays other candidates have struggled to make plays for their team down the stretch Mahomes does what he needs to do to win games. With Week 10 beginning Mahomes should soon take the crown as the front runner and take home the award. 

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