May 27, 2024


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Sports Illustrated ranks Clemson ‘desirability’ among all Power 5 schools

Clemson's football strength has the program leading the ACC in desirability.

Clemson’s soccer power has the program top the ACC in desirability.

With convention enlargement a hot summer months matter however once again, top rated systems are measuring how they stand in relation to other individuals in a race to be in the greatest posture transferring ahead.

Athletics Illustrated went through and rated all the schools in what is been regarded as the “Energy 5” conferences right until modern moves by the SEC and Major 10 to independent from that pack.

Clemson checked in at No. 16 over-all in the measure that weighs soccer rankings in excess of the very last 5 a long time, educational rating, all-sporting activities position, soccer attendance and broadcast viewership.

As issues stand for foreseeable future conferences, the ACC (39.6) ranks 3rd in regular rating of its membership at the rear of the SEC (25.1) and Huge Ten (25.8). The Pac-12 (41.4) and Massive 12 (49.3) are next up.

SEC members to arrive Texas (4) and Oklahoma (8) rank in the top-10, with new B1G member USC in 9th — forward of Alabama — and UCLA is 18th.

In conditions of full users, Clemson is the best-ranked ACC team, even though partial member Notre Dame is 3rd overall. Florida State (19), North Carolina (22) and Miami (25) are also in the best-25. Clemson’s highest rankings arrive in the soccer group (4) and Television rankings (7) but acquire a strike with all sports activities offerings (58).

Ohio State ranks No. 1 with best-5 rankings in four of the 5 classes and a No. 20 location with lecturers.

Regionally, Georgia is fifth, NC Condition is 30th, South Carolina is 42nd, Wake Forest is 47th, Duke is 50th and Georgia Tech is 54th.


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