June 25, 2024


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Sports and Music Make a Duo

Sports and Music Make a Duo

to music before or after sports is common everywhere in the world and
we see many athletes around the world who listen to music during
their workout routines. It is believed that music helps athletes to gain self
confidence, for example an American swimmer Michael Phelps listens to music 2
minutes before his competition to get himself into the right mindset. Music
enhance the performance, mood and risk behavior of an athlete it helps in
deflecting a performer’s attention away from the negative and towards the

The temp
of the music also have an effect on movement therefore if an athlete listen to
a fast temp song then it may increase their movement to a faster pace which
enhance the performance of the athlete. Hence, there are number of tracks for athletes
which they will love to listen during their training and workout sessions.
Snake (Turn down for what)
Drake      (Started
from the bottom)
Eminem  (Lose yourself)
Eminem  (Till I collapse)
Guetta (Club cant handle me)

Diplo       (Welcome to the party)

Music performances
have always been a part of big performing events whether it is Olympic games or
opening or closing ceremony of any sports event. The events are started with music which
brings energy in the audience and athletes too. The NBA and NHL and other sporting events organize big live performances of different starts which their fan will
love to listen.

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