October 4, 2023


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Save $500 on This Sony OLED TV at Best Buy Today

Sony TVs are rarely discounted because they’re always in high demand because they come from such a great brand. That’s why we’re excited to see the truly excellent 55-inch Sony A80J OLED 4K TV on sale at Best Buy. Normally priced at $1,700, it’s down to just $1,200 right now at Best Buy, sweeping in as one of the best TV deals around. As we said, Sony TV deals aren’t usually this fantastic because — simply put — Sony doesn’t have to worry about price cuts or steering away from expensive prices to sell its TVs. That means you really don’t want to miss out on this rare bargain. It’s a fantastic way of enhancing your viewing experience.

Cutting to the chase, Sony isn’t just one of the best TV brands — for many people, it’s the only place to go when money is no object. It may be an expensive brand but it frequently offers some of the best TVs around, so it’s hard to resist the Sony 55-inch A80J OLED 4K TV. Just at its simplest, it utilizes OLED technology which means you get a fantastic picture quality that ensures the deepest blacks and the most vivid colors. However, thanks to Sony processing, it goes so much further. Thanks to Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR, the TV is able to process and remaster thousands of individual on-screen elements bringing with it astounding realism as you view. XR Triluminos Pro Color ensures billions of accurate colors are on screen as needed, so you get a natural picture that’s as beautiful as the world you’re viewing.

Of course, there’s some phenomenal 4K upscaling here for all your HD content. It also uses intelligent motion processing so you get fast-moving, blur-free sports and action scenes. It even works brilliantly with the latest games consoles thanks to HDMI 2.1 support making it the ideal accompaniment to your Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. For those downtime moments, there’s extensive app support, too, so you can easily stream all your favorite shows and movies.

We’re talking one of the best 4K TVs around and the Sony 55-inch A80J OLED 4K TV is heavily discounted right now. Normally priced at $1,700, it’s down to just $1,200 at Best Buy. This rarely happens so this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy one of the best TVS around for far less than usual. Buy it now while stocks last, because OLED TV deals don’t tend to sit around.

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