April 17, 2024


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Nintendo Switch Sports review: Moves like Jagger

As I desperately tried to pull off smash after smash against the cheeky virtual boomer in front of me during a badminton session of Nintendo Switch Sports, a nostalgic burning sensation started to surge through my upper right arm.


Sixteen years ago, Wii Sports created a gaming sensation that got casual and longtime gamers alike gesturing desperately in front of the television screens — perhaps even occasionally sending their Wiimotes flying through the air like blocky rectangular comets that have triumphantly escaped the Oort cloud.

Fast forward to today and we have the direct successor on the Big N’s hybrid home and portable console, Nintendo Switch Sports.

Graphics: Switch Sports vs. Wii Sports

Volleyball screenshot of Nintendo Switch Sports, the successor of the classic Wii Sports title on older Nintendo consoles.

Wii Sports veterans will be immediately hit with a bout of nostalgia as its familiar opening jingle rings through the air the moment you load the game. Immediately, I remembered all those fun gaming sessions with family members and their laughably accurate Mii lookalikes in my living room. Good times.

It doesn’t take long to realize, however, that Switch Sports ain’t exactly your parents’ Wii Sports (or yours if you were a Wii Sports savant back in the day).