April 17, 2024


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Nintendo Switch Sports: How to Unlock Cosmetics

I just want my lil’ guy to look cool!

Nintendo Switch Sports is a fun throwback to the Wii classic, Wii Sports, while offering a handful of new experiences as well. Like Wii Sports, the game allows the player to create their own avatar to compete in the six activities available in Switch Sports.

Many people starting the game by making a character have realized, however, that the options available to them in terms of customizable cosmetics are quite limited. Unlike the truly endless number of ways to customize a Mii for Wii Sports, Switch Sports is absolutely lacking.

While it might initially seem like players simply aren’t given enough options, new cosmetics are actually able to be unlocked through playing the game.

How to Unlock Cosmetic Items in Switch Sports

To unlock new cosmetics, players of Switch Sports will need to earn sets of 100 points that unlock one new cosmetic item each. Earning points is straightforward: play the game online against other players. On average, each game that you complete will net you between 30 and 45 points. Once you’ve hit 100, you’re able to select a category of cosmetics to choose from. After selecting, you’ll be given a random item from the list.

Because it’s random, if you’re wanting a specific item, you might be playing for a while. It’s also worth pointing out that the lists of items expire after about two weeks, making them unavailable until they’re listed again. If you really want to unlock specific items, you’re going to need to play a decent amount of Switch Sports.

To earn points, select “Play Globally” from the start menu and select how many people will be playing (global play allows up to two people to play on one Switch) and then your character. From here, you can choose whichever sport you like, but if your goal is simply to be earning as many points as possible, choose a sport you’re good at.

Switch Sports rewards good game performance by adding multipliers to the number of points you earn at the end of each round, so the better you are at the game, the more points you’ll be earning.

Once an item is unlocked, you can equip it in the customization menu.