May 21, 2024


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Nintendo Switch Sports Has Plenty Of Activities To Make You Sweat In New Trailer

Ahead of its release next month, a new trailer showing off the various activities of Nintendo Switch Sports has gone live. A spiritual successor to Wii Sports, this game will launch with six mini-games–soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, and chambara–that can help you work up a sweat.

While each mode can be played on your own, Nintendo is encouraging online play against friends and random challengers, or with your family in local co-op.

The volleyball game uses the Joy-Con controller to deliver serves and spikes in a two-on-two game that requires precision timing, Badminton lets you launch a shuttlecock at your opponent with extra power, and bowling features more nuanced gameplay as you aim to score a strike. There are even a few special lanes that require you to curve the ball if you’re up for the challenge.

Soccer can be played in either one-on-one duels or four-on-four in a team, with both modes featuring a really big ball that can be smashed past the goalkeeper’s boundaries. Using the leg strap that comes with the physical edition of Nintendo Switch Sports you can even play a soccer shoot-out mode, with the difficulty ramping up the more you score.

Chambara allows you to test your sword-fighting skills, and you’ll be able to use up to three different swords in this activity. A charge sword lets you build up energy for an explosive attack or you can dual-wield with twin swords. If either of those options sounds too exotic, you can stick to a regular foam weapon in this mode. Finally, tennis is a more traditional mode where you’ll need to focus on styling your swing so that you can pull off the right shot.

After launch on April 29, golf will be added as a free update.

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