April 13, 2024


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Nintendo Switch Sports Gets an Overview Trailer Featuring All Six Sports


Nintendo has just released a five and a half minute long overview trailer for the upcoming game Nintendo Switch Sports, the spiritual successor to the iconic Wii Sports. This trailer features gameplay and information pertaining to each of the six playable sports.

The trailer shows off gameplay for volleyball, badminton, bowling, soccer, chambara, and tennis. There is an emphasis on using motion control gameplay with the Joy-Con in this overview trailer; it shows the player in the corner of the screen going through each of the sports’ motions and how that translates to the game.

The overview trailer also elaborates on multiplayer options in Nintendo Switch Sports. You’ll be able to play every game locally with friends and family on one system in the same room. You’ll also be able to take the action online by challenging friends from far away.

Additionally, there will be an online mode to challenge players from around the world in random matchmaking. In survival bowling, 16 random players will be able to bowl at once, and in soccer, players can compete in 4v4 matches. Going “pro” in each sport online allows you to gain up to 12 skill ranks.

Finally, the overview trailer shows off the character customization options in Nintendo Switch Sports. Competing online can allow you to earn points to spend on new customization items. Miis can also be used as characters.

Nintendo Switch Sports will release on April 29 and can be pre-ordered right now.

You can watch the entire overview trailer below.