May 21, 2024


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Nintendo Switch Sports does not entirely support Switch Lite, local handheld mode

The newest entry in the growing lineup of sports titles available on the Switch, Nintendo Switch Sports, acts as a spiritual successor to the Wii Sports titles. Like past games, this title encourages players to partake in motion-based controls, simulating the real experience of playing the sports—though not all of its features may work as players expect them to in local multiplayer.

According to a report from Nintendo Life, Nintendo Switch Lite owners can’t play Nintendo Switch Sports with motion controls with other players. This is due to the handheld-only nature of the Switch Lite, in which the controllers are undetachable, though external joy-cons can be synced to the system for single-player motion control usage.

This renders the local multiplayer option obsolete, making the only two playable game modes online or training. Switch Lite owners can participate in any of the game modes by themselves using button controls as well.

Nintendo Switch Sports also does not support local tabletop play, one of the biggest features that the Switch offers. Screenshots from a Twitter user showed their discovery of an error message when trying to participate in local play via tabletop mode with more than one player. The message advised them that “when two or more people are playing, you’ll need to play in TV mode.” This is the same error message that will occur when attempting to use local play on a Switch Lite.

Fans looking to enjoy the next evolution of the Wii Sports series can now do so via Nintendo Switch Sports, though should be cautious as to the software’s limitations. The game can be purchased via the Nintendo eShop or through various retailers.