April 13, 2024


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‘Nintendo Switch Sport’ will be released at the end of April

Building on the success of “Wii Sports”, Nintendo introduces its concept to the Nintendo Switch console.As the company recently announced in its presentation video, the game will be released at the end of April.

“Nintendo Switch Sport” brings sports such as tennis, bowling, soccer, badminton, volleyball or chambara (a kind of sword fight) to the screen. The game is controlled by a motion detection Joy-Con controller. It can be attached to the wrist with a strap or attached to the leg with an elastic band, and the movement itself can be transmitted to the game character.

‘Nintendo Switch Sport’ can be played locally with multiple players on the same console or online with users around the world. This requires paid access to Nintendo Switch Online.Golf continues to shine due to its absence, but other disciplines are not excluded for subsequent downloads (perhaps paid).

Nintendo Switch Sport is the sequel to ‘Wii Sport’, a moving game for the Wii console that was released in 2006. According to Nintendo, “Wii Sports” has sold more than 80 million units worldwide so far. “Nintendo Switch Sport” has similar potential.Nintendo has reported that approximately 130 million switches have been sold in three versions since 2017.

In addition to Nintendo Switch Sport, they have announced other news, additions and updates for Switch.

“Mario Striker Battle League” is a unique soccer game that brings Mario, his friends, and opponents together in the arena. Figures are widely configurable and have numerous unique special abilities, including turtles and turtle shells. The 8-player game with online mode and club championship will go on sale on June 10.

When you download “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe” you will be offered 48 new tracks.The colorful kart racing game featuring Mario, Bowser and Company is completed, among other things, with race tracks reworked from previous versions. This includes Coconut Mall, Chocolate Swamp or Clouds or Clouds or Paris tracks from Mario Kart N64. The first track of the Booster Pass will be available from March 28.

“Kirby and the Forgotten Land” adds Nintendo’s cute pink ball to the 3D Switch The colorful platform game features Kirby’s new abilities, including attacks, object crafting, and visuals. Rescue of the little creature Waddle Dees will be available starting March 25.

Five years after its release on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, “Norman’s Sky” will also be released on Switch.The algorithm-based space game of stars and giant planets was released somewhat obscure in mid-2022.

More news: Among other things, ‘Xeno-Blade Chronicle 3’ will go on sale in September, and the ‘Fire Emblem’ will continue at the end of June as ‘Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes’.

Given the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the release of a new installment of “Advance Wars”, originally scheduled for April 8, was postponed without a new date.