May 24, 2024


Like All Trades

Iconic Sports Illustrated model unmasks and surprises ‘Masked Singer’ viewers

introduced us to a new group of mystery celebrities in disguise Wednesday night, one of whom was the Lemur from Team Cuddly.

Based on the clues, the judges took turns guessing some iconic actresses like Heather Locklear, Jennifer Aniston and Goldie Hawn, but she was actually an iconic supermodel – Sports Illustrated model .

The celebrity panelists were honored to have Brinkley, whose career spans more than three decades, in their presence.

shared, “On behalf of everybody, you are a treasure. You are gorgeous, you are beautiful, and we are all honored to have you here.” Jeong had actually guessed correctly in the end – a rare occasion, which had the actor stating, “Christie Brinkley has restored my reputation, so, thank you. I owe you, Christie Brinkley. You’re amazing”

Meanwhile, viewers took to social media both surprised and excited by the supermodel’s elimination, reveal and secret talent.