May 27, 2024


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F1 LIVE: Charles Leclerc wins the Austrian Grand Prix with Max Verstappen second and Lewis Hamilton third

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Charles Leclerc reignited his world championship hopes by racing to victory at the Austrian Grand Prix as team-mate Carlos Sainz emerged unscathed from his Ferrari after it caught fire. Leclerc passed championship leader Max Verstappen three times to claim his first triumph since he took the chequered flag in Australia on April 10. Verstappen finished second after Sainz’s engine expired with 14 laps remaining.

Sainz broke down at the uphill Turn 4 but moments later later his car dramatically caught alight. With Sainz still in his cockpit and his car rolling downhill, the Spaniard had to battle gravity as he unstrapped his seatbelts and attempted to leap from his flaming machine.

The television cameras cut away from the flashpoint, but seconds later, Sainz was seen walking away from his wreckage, with the flames extinguished by marshals. Sainz’s retirement allowed Lewis Hamilton to take third with Mercedes team-mate George Russell fourth despite an opening-lap collision with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez.

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Lewis Hamilton admits he wasn’t expecting podium finish at Austrian GP after crash in qualifying

Lewis Hamilton was again satisfied with another podium finish at the Austrian Grand Prix particularly after a heavy crash in qualifying on Friday.

The Mercedes star drove a solid race as he moved up the field from eighth at the beginning of the Grand Prix to third, securing another podium when Carlos Sainz retired due to an engine problem 14 laps from the end.

It was the seven-time world champion’s third successive third-place finish and after a big shunt on Friday, Hamilton paid tribute to his team for giving him a car capable of securing more important points at the Red Bull Ring.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting that – it was a rough weekend but it’s good to get points for the team,” Hamilton said in an interview prior to the podium.

“A big thank you to the men and women in the garage. We made some improvements this weekend so we just have to keep chipping away at it.”


George Russell:

“It’s a missed opportunity from my side. First lap incident was disappointed.

“With Checo, I was already on the limit of my car. To get the damage cost me 10 seconds in race time, then having a 20 second pit stop. I just felt like I expected more.

“We were the same pace as Lewis so I think that was very reasonable but as a team we’re still further behind then we want…”


Max Verstappen:

“We were lacking pace and a lot of deg. I don’t understand why it was that bad. To only lose five points over the weekend is not too bad on a bad day.

“We had a bit of an off day and they had a very strong day.”


Leclerc celebrates his victory!

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This was Ferrari’s first win in Austria since Michael Schumacher claimed victory in 2003!


Lewis Hamilton:

“Especially after a difficult Friday with the crash, I was not expecting it – so proud of everyone for working so hard on the car. Hopefully we have some new better bits to come.

“We’re slowly eating into the guys ahead but they’re still very quick!

“I do feel like our qualifying pace is in the top-3 now and again. Completely new car, new chassis, change of gearbox, everything, naturally you don’t want to damage the car again. It got better as I got more dialled in with it.”


Carlos Sainz:

“There was no feedback coming from the engine, very sudden. Bit lost for words – it’s a big loss on points. It’d have been an easy 1-2 today.

“A lot of fire, it’s something we’ll have to look at…

“It is more difficult to take because we were about to do a big result for the team and one car DNFs. It’s heartbreaking!”



Sergio Perez:

“A big shame for us what happened today. I felt we had everything we could to avoid the incident, it was up to George to control his car but he couldn’t control it. We made contact when I was clearly ahead.

“I’m very sorry for Carlos but that’s not to do with us…

“The car this weekend hasn’t really been up there, some good analysis to be done from the weekend.”


Christian Horner:

“Some very important points today. Ferrari had a quicker car for the majority of the race. Our tyre deg was higher in the first stint and it was hard to combat that.

“Ferrari just seemed lighter on the tyres and they had a pace advantage. Losing Checo too was a disappointment.

“Our pace at the end of the race was good, we still got the fastest lap. Over the two races we’ve only given away five points with Max.

“There was so much damage for Checo there was no chance for points so best to save the mileage. We’ll bounce back in France.

“Ferrari are quick so need to keep pushing, we can’t afford to back off. Max fought his hardest, just not quite enough today!”