May 20, 2024


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Cuphead is still getting a physical release for Nintendo Switch

Cuphead fans on Nintendo Switch may soon have the opportunity to own the game like never before. According to a report by Nintendo Everything, a physical release for Cuphead is still planned for Nintendo Switch.

Fans got the first tease of the Cuphead physical launch back in 2019.

Speaking to the outlet, Studio MDHR director Maja Moldenhauer shared that the physical release is coming and there could be more news to come soon.

“We can confirm we are planning to do a physical release, and keep your ear to the ground in the coming months,” Moldenhauer said to Nintendo Everything. “We’ll have more to share about that, but there will be a physical release.”

The interview comes ahead of the launch of Cuphead’s new DLC The Delicious Last Course and when speaking about this  Moldenhauer revealed that there were talks about releasing this new content as its own title.

“Yeah! There was a discussion,” Moldenhauer revealed to Nintendo Everything.

“It was a brief discussion at the beginning of the development in 2019 when we actually put pencil to paper. But ultimately at the end of the day, it fits this chapter of the Cuphead story.

“We really always wanted to have Ms. Chalice as a playable character, and so that fit, and storyline-wise it fit as well, so it just made sense for us to include it as a DLC rather than as a standalone game.”

Fans of Cuphead might have to wait for physical release on Nintendo Switch, but The Delicious Last Course is set to launch on June 30 later this month.