June 22, 2024


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Brittany Mahomes called out the Bengals for injury flop (Video)

The Cincinnati Bengals had a sketchy injury situation, and even Brittany Mahomes is questioning the legitimacy of it.

The Bengals hosted the Kansas City Chiefs for Week 13 and are putting out quite an interesting game. Jessie Bates III of the Bengals was being switched out of the game due to an ‘injury,’ but the injury seemed to be far from legitimate as Bates stood comfortably until his replacement began running on the field, then laid down on the ground as if remembering he was ‘injured.’

Even Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, questioned the legitimacy of this on Twitter.

It certainly looks like Bates is fine considering he crouched all the way down upon laying back down and pulled his leg to his chest as if it were in pain, though he didn’t have any physical signs of pain prior.

Mahomes isn’t the only one to question the credibility, either. Jim Nantz and Tony Romo made jokes to each other about the situation.

Romo humorously stated, “Look at this, watch. They’re substituting and they’re late. ‘Bates, go down! Go down! Go down! Oh, I got a cramp. Oooh, that one really hurts. Ah, let me get off. Okay.’ That wasn’t fake at all.”

This was a very competitive matchup, and it certainly could’ve been a move to lessen the chances of the Chiefs scoring.

The Bengals vs Chiefs is a competitive matchup

This matchup was particularly heated as it was the AFC Championship rematch from the 2021 season that ultimately knocked the Chiefs out of contention and sent the Bengals to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs were set up well to score when Bates went down in the end zone, and because it was seemingly such an exaggerated injury, it realistically could’ve been a move to lessen the Chiefs chances of scoring.

However, the Chiefs did score three plays later on a two-yard touchdown from Jerick McKinnon, so it didn’t do much to stop them. However, the Bengals rose above 27-24 in the end, so they took home the victory anyway.

Whatever truly happened, it’s certainly raising a lot of questions.