June 17, 2024


Like All Trades

Big 12 keeps plans for fall kickoff, saves college football for now

Here’s to the Big 12. *beer mugs clank*

Thank you for saving college football. Let me rephrase: Thank you for saving college football, for now.

The Big 12’s decision Tuesday night to trudge onward with a 2020 fall football season has kept alive the hope, maybe faint, that there will be college pigskin action in autumn. Hours after the Big Ten and Pac-12 called it quits, the Big 12, with a chance to shut down and bring maybe all of college football with it, stood firm. The league’s top decision-makers were determined to continue marching toward a September kickoff. A group split and on the fence entering the day, Big 12 leaders settled on the side of their neighbors to the east and southeast, ACC and SEC, instead of the ones to their north and west.