April 13, 2024


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Athletic Fun Awaits in Nintendo Switch Sports Overview Trailer

Last month, Nintendo announced a spiritual successor to the wildly popular Wii Sports and its sequel, Wii Sports Resort, which is set to bring back and introduce new motion control-based competitions to partake in for Switch.

Now, with April right around the corner, Nintendo Switch Sports is already nearing its release and the developer has shared an overview trailer to prepare players for the six main activities that the game will have at launch. Featuring Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Soccer, Chambara and Tennis, Nintendo Switch Sports will offer both local and online play with up to eight players (or sixteen in the all-new Survival Bowling mode), as well as a ranking system to prove your skills at a given activity. Players can also unlock new items with which to customize their “sportsmate” avatar (which can be replaced by Miis for players who are feeling nostalgic). The trailer also re-confirms two free updates that are coming to the game after launch: one set for the summer that will add Leg Strap compatibility for Soccer matches, and one for the fall that will introduce the first post-launch sport, Golf.

Nintendo Switch Sports is set to launch on April 29.