June 25, 2024


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Antoine Griezman

Antoine Griezman glitter celebration for Barcelona remembered

Antoine Griezman has spent close to 2 complete seasons at Camp Nou following his €120 million moves from Atletico Madrid in July 2019.

But it is fair to just think that Barca would have expected a better return than 29 goals from 88 games from their No. 7.

Antoine Griezman

After all, this was a player that averaged over one goal all other game for Atletico (133 in 257).

Antoine Griezman has still produced some great performances together with Lionel Messi and co.

However forwards are judged ultimately on the number of goals that they score as well as the number of titles that they win.

Antoine Griezman is yet to place his hands on silverware

The 30-year-old player is still yet to place his hands on silverware together with the Catalan giants.

Although Barca is strongly in the Las Liga title race and faces Athletic Bilbao in the Copa del Rey final next month.

Antoine Griezman netted his 1st Barcelona goals in a 5-2 win over Real Betis back in August 2019.

His initial canceled out Nabil Fekir’s opener. Then he netted his 2nd of the night briefly after half-time with a brilliant curling effort.

Just from the edge of the box to place his new team 2-1 up.

Antoine Griezman produced one of the most uncommon celebrations that we have ever witnessed.

He then made his way towards the corner flag. There he met with an unidentified fan carrying a pot.

There was some glitter in the pot then he places his hands to take some of it.

He then started chucking the glitter in the air while standing with his arm stretched out, soaking up the adulation of the fan.

The crowd was pleased with it, however, the teammates of Antoine Griezman were not around anywhere.

The teammates left the France man to it and went back to their own half.

Somehow awkward.

Moreover, Messi who was sitting at a spot was seen laughing with the rest of the club’s fans at the celebration of Antoine Griezman.