June 17, 2024


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25 Days Of Christmas MLB Prospect – Gunnar Henderson – Winners Only Club

25 Days Of Christmas MLB Prospect – Gunnar Henderson – Winners Only Club


The Number two prospect is Shortstop/ Third baseman Gunnar Henderson. He has been in the Orioles organization since 2019. In those 4 years he has made it all the way form Rookie ball to the MLB.

Gunnar first year in the Orioles organization he was all the way down in rookie ball, he played in 29 games in which batted .259, had a .370 SLG, and a OPS of .701. In those 29 games he had 108 At Bats, he had 28 Hits, 5 doubles, 1 Dingers, and 11 RBIs. All that got him the call up to Low A team 2021.

So yes, Gunnar was not able to play in 2020, so we go right to 2021. this year he spent time with 3 team. First stop was with the Low A team , where he played in 35 games and had .312 AVG, SLG of .574, and a OPS of .943. Gunnar had 141 at bats , in those at bats he had 44 hits, 30 runs , 11 doubles , and got some power with 8 Dingers, also he had 39 RBIs.

Then still in 2021 he made it the High A, he kind of fell off little he had 65 games, he had over 200 at bats , where he had a batting average of .230, Slugging of .432 and OPS of .775. Gunnar had 56 hits, 16 doubles, 3 triples, 9 Dingers, and 35 RBIs.

Gunnar finished he season in AA but he only played 5 games so his number will not be right . 15 at bats is just not enough to judge.
2022 now this is where Gunnar becomes the Gunnar we know he flies though AA only playing 47 games . Gunnar’s slash line for AA that season is .312 Avg /.573 SLG / 1.025 OPS. Gunnar had 157 at bats where he had 49 hits, 11 doubles, 8 Dingers, 35 RBIs, and his walks are going up there with 41 walks.

AAA was no problem for Gunnar playing in 65 games having a marvelous slash line of .288Avg/.504SLG/.894OPS. Gunnar had exactly 250 at bats, 72 hits 60 runs, 13 doubles, 11 Dingers, 41 RBIs and even 38 walks.

Now Gunnar is in the MLB it doesn’t look like he will be going anywhere soon. In 32 games his slash line was .359Avg/.440Slg/.788OPS. Gunnar had 116 at bats, with 30 hits, 7 doubles, 4 Dingers, 18 RBIs, and 16 walks.

So to conclude I don’t see Gunnar going anywhere, Brandon Hyde will find somewhere on the flied for him. The O’s do have Jorge Mateo playing SS but Meteo is 27 , also is turning in to a journeyman. So maybe he gets shipped out after that good season he had. The O’s have a lot of infields prospect in the farm system. Gunnar is to good to go back down to AAA though so expect him back with the Orioles next year.