June 17, 2024


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22Bet Partners With Centurion FC

22Bet Partners With Centurion FC

22Bet is happy to announce an official partnership with Centurion FC. The latter is one of the most prominent Mixed Martial Arts companies in Europe. Best fighters take part in various events combining entertainment with combat sports. 

The partnership started in early November and 22Bet has acquired another big partner. Enhancing its reach, both companies will benefit from this partnership. 22Bet in its turn has a lot of MMA events and Centurion FC will be a great addition.

Briefly About Centurion FC

Centurion FC is ambitous and very perspective promotion. The organization amasses a legion of fighters and loyal fans, who are always looking forward to entertainment. The company’s main goal is to create a new “generation” of athletes. At the same time, they are motivated to bring exciting and competitive tournaments into the cage.

Roberto Gallo is a founder of Centurion FC. Having over 26 years of experience, his dedication and discipline helped him establish core values for Centurion FC. It is because of him MMA has become one of the largest promotion companies in Europe.

22Bet hope for a successful and long-term cooperation, which will help both parties to strengthen their position on the global market in the foreseeable future. As well as to expand the reach of the audience and provide only the best quality service worldwide.

Why Centurion? 

First of all, Centurion FC is a widely recognizable company, and we are looking to increase our global reach, as well as gain a foothold in the European market. Secondly, as 22Bet focuses on MMA events, Centurion FC is likely to offer its innovations too.

We have already seen numerous cases when various brands and companies sign a partnership deal with each other. As 22Bet’s goal is to greatly expand influence in the iGaming industry and attract new players around the world.