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Village Safari
Village Safari offer great outdoor adventure and a taste of the Bishnoi Villages. Village Safari/Jeep Safari is a half day excursion through the desert.

The famous Guda Bishnoi Lake is just 15 minutes drive from the hotel. It is a wild life sanctuary and is teaming with Black bucks, Chinkaras, Blue bulls, Desert fox, Hares, Partridges, Grouse and of course from September to March thousands and thousands of large variety of Siberian demoiselle cranes and ducks.

The village tour includes a couple of these different communities where one can meet local people as they go about their daily lives. In Rajasthan, a state characterized mainly by rocky, sandy desert, people have had to adapt to these extremely harsh conditions, Rainfalls only once a year and the few underground aquifers determine where people can live. Some of the ground is so salty that wells dug in those areas yield on potable water.